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External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

Quality Assurance

IRT Surveys can provide you with a thermographic survey during an external wall insulation install. The image below reveals a 2 bed semi-detached domestic property before and after the  removal of old timber frontage, application of EWI and  loft insulation. 

Thermographic imaging and analysis  provided within our reports is easy to follow and highlights the clear energy saving benefits of EWI on a property. Because IRT surveys offer a completely impartial service, you and your clients can have peace of mind that the images show evidence of good workmanship.

Fault Finding

Thermal images, within the footer below, were taken a short while after the installation of an EWI system. They reveal warmer temperatures, depicted in red and yellow colours,  the most significant of which indicate likely points of  moisture ingress at points around the junction detailing.  

An IRT Survey is able to assess for failures in the insulation detailing across the entirety of a property, which can allow moisture to bypass the insulation and track along the support system behind. Infrared can show the exact location of any defects and allows for a focused repair operation to be carried out before it becomes and issue.

Cold bridging is a common issue where external wall insulation has been applied. IRT surveys can also detect and highlight and locations where cold bridging is apparent and can compromise the thermal benefits of the system.


What Else Can IRT do for you?

  • Survey and analyse large quantities of properties to give estimated CO2 and cost savings upon any energy saving measures applied. 
  • Recommend, where applicable, that a repeat survey be carried out  before the end of the retention period to ensure that all issues are addressed and no further issues are present.
  • Available for domestic and commercial properties.

External Wall Insulation SERVICES AVAILABLE :

Commercial Surveys

Commercial Surveys

Commercial Property Thermal Imaging surveys

Surveying commercial properties quickly and cost effectively can be a challenge. Most are in continual operation meaning access to certain areas can be problematic. A Thermographic Survey can be the perfect solution to determine any regions of weakness in the waterproofing and insulation of a commercial property. Thermal surveying is a form of non destructive testing (NDT) and can therefore be carried out without any risk to health and safety, staff or equipment. 

 Commercial Property Thermal Imaging


How can IRT Surveys help?

IRT can survey commercial properties of all sizes, typically within a single working day.  There are a number of services available to help identify issues or give quality assurance. 

We also carry out general condition surveys which can highlight all of the above defects in a single, easy to understand thermal report.

Considering Refurbishments?

Ask us about IRT Envision our cost saving analysis report

IRT Surveys can create an energy model of a commercial property and, along with our acquired thermal data, give a real life view of the properties performance. From this information, IRT can provide a comprehensive report detailing the regions of  missing insulation and trapped moisture and its financial impact on the property.

Our survey results allow you to effectively prioritise refurbishments based on their ROI. 

Commercial Property Thermal Imaging

Commercial Property Thermal Imaging
Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Project Info

Our client had won a contract to refurbish an office block, part of the brief included installation of new internal partition walls. Unfortunately, the entire property had underfloor heating pipes buried within the floor screed. No plans or records remained to show where the pipes lay. This caused huge problems for the contractor as he was unable to drill into the floor in case he hit a pipe.


How IRT Surveys helped: 

Services used :

  • Thermal Imaging


Utilising our thermal imaging technology, IRT were able to pinpoint the exact locations of the pipework, highlight them directly on the floor and mark them on a scale plan. As part of the survey we also detected a region of damaged pipework which was leaking and also sections of the pipework had been poorly laid resulting in inconsistent heating.

Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys

Surveying dangerous unsafe roofs or areas of asbestos can be problematic. Cherry pickers can be used but when a detailed survey is required sometimes they can't do the job. 

IRT Surveys offer the best quality full radiometric thermographic surveys and analysis, whether for roofs, elevations or the whole building envelope internally and externally to allow you to ‘see’ and quantify the building’s defects.

Building Defects: Flat roof leak detection, poor detailing, missing or damaged insulation, delaminating render, moisture tracking, all easily identifiable.

We have full Civil Aviation Authority permissions to operate drones for commercial aerial work – are fully insured – and are experts in gathering aerial images using remote controlled multi-rotor aerial systems, also known as UAV, Drones. We process and edit in-house using the latest commercially licensed post-production applications.

We provide national coverage offering a responsive and personalised service.

We are market leaders in Aerial thermography. We offer an entirely new and unique perspective.  We can get closer, are more maneuverable and go where traditional aircraft can’t.


Services used :

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Drones