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Surveying large shopping centres quickly and cost effectively can be a challenge. Most open early in the morning and close late 7 days a week meaning access to certain areas can be problematic. Our client, a large property owner, was looking to acquire a new property and needed to check the integrity of the current construction prior to an offer being made. The site consisted of 8 interconnected units, each over 10,000m2 each. The survey was to assess the elevations, roofing, glazing details, determine any regions of weakness in the waterproofing of the entire site and calculate potential savings from refurbishment options. All with tenants in place and open to the public. 


How IRT Surveys helped: 

Services used :

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • Commercial Envision


Each of the properties was surveyed on foot within a 16 hour period with Visual images being taken during the daytime and thermal imaging at night. From the supplied building plans an energy model of the property was created and the newly acquired thermal data incorporated into it, giving a real life view of the properties performance. From this information, IRT provided a comprehensive report detailing the exact regions of trapped moisture on the roof and its financial impact on the property. Regions of poor detailing at cladding junctions were also identified along with 8 regions of water ingress which were currently invisible to the human eye. Based on the survey results, our client was able to justifiably reduce their offer on the property by £1.2 million. 

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