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Project Info

Our client, a large supermarket chain, had issues with leaks into a store in North England. The initial building survey suggested that the roof  needed to be completely stripped and replaced. IRT Surveys were commissioned to assess the condition using thermal imaging.  several regions of ingress were noted; however, it was found that 80% of the roof was well insulated and in a good condition. 


How IRT Surveys helped: 

Services used :

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Drones
  • Electronic Leak Detection


The 48,000m2 roof was surveyed in 6 hours using high resolution thermal and visual imaging. IRT then used the thermal data to  pinpoint regions of trapped moisture and damage below the waterproofing. This allowed targeted electronic leak detection testing to be carried out in only the sections requiring attention. In total, 892 penetrations were detected and marked directly on the roof surface. These penetrations contributed to 1291 m2 of damaged insulation. Our high resolution drone imaging allowed us to create an 80 mega pixel visual image of the entire roof allowing the client to zoom in and read identified penetrations markings just 4 inches in size. 

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