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Applying external wall insulation appears like it should be a relatively easy process to install and monitor for quality. After all you can see if the insulation is present and continuous as its on the outside of the building. Our client had installed EWI to over 300 properties and was confident the contractor had done a good job, some properties had however complained just 3 months after install of some cold regions and wall paper pealing away from the walls.  


How IRT Surveys helped: 


  • Thermal Imaging
  • SAP2012 Calculations
  • TheHouseSurvey.co.uk


IRT assessed all 300 properties in one evening and identified 89 failures in the insulation detailing which was allowing moisture to bypass the system and track along the support system behind. This in turn was building up until it was penetrating the property leading to internal ingress issues. IRTs report was able to show the exact location of the defects within the properties allowing for a focused repair operation to be carried out. The remaining properties all showed a well insulated EWI system. A repeat survey was carried out 11 months after install and before the end of the retention period. This found that all issues had been addressed and no further issues were present.

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