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We carry out a full survey and assessment service for schools, college buildings, offices etc. This includes flat roofing, leak detection, insulation checks and internal and elevation surveys. Please see the BuildingProfessionals Section for more info.


We have carried out more than 250,000 property assessments in the UK. Our surveying solutions offer a fast, hassle-free solution to identifying damaged and missing insulation across high volumes of stock.


IRT can reveal areas of delamination quickly and easily. No noise, mess, disruption nor scaffolding. What’s more, the images can be measured to enable rapid costing of repairs.


Make informed decisions thanks to our unique quantified thermal images. Our reports visually reveal the extent of the issue and the likely savings from measures. Want to know the carbon, kWh and monetary savings from a retrofit? Then an IRT audit is just what you have been searching for.


We offer Electronic leak detection (ELD) and earth leakage leak detection (ELLD) to help pinpoint leaks on flat roofs, together with Hukseflux assessments to accurately assess the true, in-situ / as built, u-value of your property.


With our fast calculation methodologies we can help you learn the real condition of your stock and provide estimated SAP ratings for your entire portfolio. Fast EESSH and MEPS check.


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Julian Scott - Yarlington HA

Yarlington Housing Group approached IRT Surveys because they offered a unique service for assessing our housing assets using infra-red thermography and because there was limited data around the quality of the wall insulation of our properties. IRT helped us by thermally surveying our entire stock and integrating the information into a comprehensive database which we are incorporating into our new 2020 Fuel Poverty Plan. We are able to interact with the database using their online tools in order to answer the ‘what if’ questions when considering fabric alterations. One thing I liked was their ability to quickly understand our requirements and to deliver the project on time and to budget. I found the experience positive and engaging; IRT did a brilliant job of carrying out a comprehensive thermal image stock survey which provided an actual picture of our stock portfolio’s thermal performance.

Aberdeen City Council

"This Council has worked with IRT Surveys for the past three years, during which time they have consistently provided a reliable service.  Their clear reports have helped us identify those properties to target for insulation upgrades in order to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards across our Council housing stock.  We will be working with IRT Surveys again in the future and I have no hesitation recommending them.”

Nicola Whiteford - DEFRA

Excellent communications, everything completed to the agreed deadline, very professional service.

Dave Tindall - Thames Valley Housing

Impressed with IRTs report clarity, simplicity and expertise of infrared thermal imaging technology and energy efficiency.


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