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Commercial Property Thermal Imaging surveys

Surveying commercial properties quickly and cost effectively can be a challenge. Most are in continual operation meaning access to certain areas can be problematic. A Thermographic Survey can be the perfect solution to determine any regions of weakness in the waterproofing and insulation of a commercial property. Thermal surveying is a form of non destructive testing (NDT) and can therefore be carried out without any risk to health and safety, staff or equipment. 

 Commercial Property Thermal Imaging


How can IRT Surveys help?

IRT can survey commercial properties of all sizes, typically within a single working day.  There are a number of services available to help identify issues or give quality assurance. 

We also carry out general condition surveys which can highlight all of the above defects in a single, easy to understand thermal report.

Considering Refurbishments?

Ask us about IRT Envision our cost saving analysis report

IRT Surveys can create an energy model of a commercial property and, along with our acquired thermal data, give a real life view of the properties performance. From this information, IRT can provide a comprehensive report detailing the regions of  missing insulation and trapped moisture and its financial impact on the property.

Our survey results allow you to effectively prioritise refurbishments based on their ROI. 

Commercial Property Thermal Imaging

Commercial Property Thermal Imaging
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