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Rendered properties can often prove problematic when they begin to fail. Typical failures result in large sections of concrete falling from potentially 10's of metres up. Our client had a large residential and commercial property portfolio which were all built and rendered in the late 1950s and 60s. Many of these properties were multi-storey and multi-tenure. Traditionally, our client would wait for a render failure, notify tenants, scaffold an entire block then hammer test each elevation until they found defective areas. This process was proving far too costly and time consuming and was not a scalable solution.


How IRT Surveys helped: 

Services used :

  • Thermal Imaging
  • The House Survey


IRT surveyed all of the properties over 4 evenings and identified all regions of delamination/boss render for each property. From ground level, we could detect a defect as  small as 12 cm2 3 storeys up. No need to alert the tenants or cause disruption with scaffolding. Each property was uploaded to our site where the results could be viewed securely and onsite by contractors. This data set resulted in the realisation that only 4% of the properties revealed significant issues requiring further action. The remaining properties can be assessed on a yearly basis with any delamination being detected early.  

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