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How to use DREam

Become an Energy Expert in Just a Few Clicks

Now you can interact online with your houses and see what impact energy solutions have on efficiency and performance without requiring an IT degree.

Logging in
Short Tutorial showing how to log into DREam

DREam Main Dashboard
Overview of the DREam dashboard

Creating a group – From a table
Information on Tables and Groups

Individual Property Page
Overview of what’s in the individual property page

Mapping Page
Creating groups in the map view

DREam Reports
Overview of standard reports

Updating Property Information
Overview of changing property data allowing new SAP recalculations.

DREam Support
How to upload new data, suggest a new feature or report a bug

Accessing Data Tables
You can create groups, access individual properties and search for information from the Data table view

How to assign and remove access to your property portfolio

Custom Measures
Learn how to add custom measures to your properties including customised u-values.

Remove a property
How to remove 1 or more properties from within DREam.

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