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Optimised Retrofits (DREam)

Get to Net Zero with our retrofitting carbon reduction software

Our online platform helps housing providers discover energy-saving opportunities in seconds using their own property data, and without blowing the budget

What is DREam

Social Housing Landlords Become Energy Experts in Just a Few Clicks.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours sifting through the latest bulletin to get ahead of the funding queue. 

DREam is cloud-based software that helps you assess your housing portfolio for energy performance.

It uses your data to work out the best way to carry out retrofits to save energy and gives you instant updates to available grants.

Simply upload your data (even if it is incomplete) and in less time than it takes to boil the kettle DREam tells you in a clear and uncomplicated way the next step to take – from replacing the lights to a change of heating system.

Access to the cloud from anywhere – the results are clearly displayed and easy to understand, which means you don’t need to be a technical wizard to make an informed decision and maximise your budget.


Let your data provide the solutions.

Simple Steps to Good Quality Data for Your Retrofit Decisions

DREam is a cloud based software created with one aim - to simplify and accelerate your retrofit journey.

You drag & Drop your data

Whatever the housing management system you are using, simply export a CSV file from it and save it to your desktop. Open the DREam website and drag that file into DREam. That's it, your data is uploaded. DREam does the rest.

DREam fills in the blanks

Whenever there is a 'hole' found in your data, DREam fills in the blanks with intelligent assumptions, tells you where the blanks are and lets you take the first step on the retrofit journey.

DREam cleanses your data

Your data is not perfect - You're not on your own there. Let DREam check the assumptions you are making against today's energy standards. It will run the new dataset though SAP2012 and deliver EPC ratings, Environmental Impact scores and SAP rating straight away.

Your data is then available in a nice easy-to-follow dashboard. Better yet, it’s all built into Google Earth and Google Streetview.

DREam validates your data

Data integrity and security are cornerstones of your business. DREam will provide you with an integrity score. Your data is held online securely and is not passed on or sold to third parties. It remains your data.

Now that you are armed with data freshly cleansed, analysed and processed through the latest government approved energy engines, you are ready to take your first steps on the road to improvement.


Achieve rapid ROI.

Quickly optimise your investment

Social housing is changing rapidly in the UK. Understanding your data and ensuring you are on top of the challenge is imperative. Organisations are merging, funding rules are changing, benefits are evolving, energy prices rising and house prices fluctuating like never before.

Budgets are tight and people are rightly nervous to spend, given the volatility of the sector. That’s perfectly understandable, but plan for the future you must. Problems won’t vanish without action and taking action within a tight budget means careful scrutiny is required to ensure success.

We understand these concerns. That’s why DREam delivers a free integrity check of your data. Thereafter, it’s a subscription model. Results first – known payments spread and a full 12 months of optimisation and alerts ensuring you don’t miss out on a funding opportunity all year long.

Within DREam you can:

- filter your stock to target areas of deprivation, blend funding,

- and simulate options until you are satisfied with the programme.

- Then, simply send your retrofit programme to market for competitive pricing – straight from the DREam platform.

DREam is accurate, fast and opens doors to energy efficiency savings.

Up to Date

Stay ahead of the funding queue.

Keep Up To Date with Energy Targets

How great would it be if you could ask someone you trust:

“I only have £x to spend; tell me truthfully: Where will I achieve the best results? Can I get any funding to help me?”

Let DREam be your trusted advisor.

DREam will:

- carry out individual SAP calculations on each home
- compare funding options and retrofit measures and
- revert back – quickly – with an optimised route to achieve your target and stick within your budget parameters.

Without bias, DREam will show you the likely impact from each measure in turn. Monetary savings, carbon reduction, kWh savings - even SAP and EPC impact.

What’s more, the alert system will keep you abreast of legislative changes and let you know when the retrofit is economically viable or is mandatory due to a change in legislation.

With DREam you can amend, set and reset your targets as often as you like and at no additional cost.

It does work like a DREam.

Find out more about Funding

Let DREam Remove the Guesswork 

How to Optimise Your Upgrade

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What DREam can do for you

Harness Your Data for Tangible Results.

Book a DREam Demo

Take a test drive and see how DREam can help you to simplify and accelerate planning your retrofit today.

Start the conversation

If you want to improve energy efficiency and gain access to available funding, get in touch now to take the first steps in planning your project.

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IRT have friendly and helpful staff. Our enquiry was responded promptly and the service provided was excellent.
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